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Concept Background

Motorcycle is a cheap and convenient mode of transport especially in developing nations like India where cities are very much crowded.
-About 38 % vehicles registered in Mumbai are motorcycles.
-Motorcycles have 16 times the rate of serious injuries per 100 million vehicle kilometers compared to cars (Dept of Transport, UK)
-96% of the single vehicle accidents resulted in some kind of injury to the motorcycle rider (‘Hurt’ Study)
-One of the Major categories under single vehicle accidents is ‘Bike slip’ scenario where without collision with any object, the rider falls and faces injuries

There are many possible scenarios wherein a rider may lose control on the bike and eventually fall like slipping of rear/front wheel because of sudden change in co-efficient of friction between tires and road (spillage of oil/sand on road), wobbling caused by defects on road surface, excessive leaning while taking a turn.

If such a slip occurs on crowded streets, the rider as well as pedestrians and other vehicles around may be harmed.

The ‘GUARDIAN’ system is designed keeping in mind the following aspects:

1.To prevent a bike traveling at low speed from falling sideways
2.No compromise in performance and handling
3.No compromise on basic functions and ergonomics
4.Minimal effect on looks of the bike
5.Preferable that the rider continues to ride without coming to a halt after the incident

One of the chief advantages with ‘GUARDIAN’ is that it is not an integral system like ‘ABS’ but a simple add on, which can be fitted to any motorbike. While ABS is a costly affair, ‘GUARDIAN’ gives a cheaper option.

‘GUARDIAN’ chiefly aims at slips and falls at lower speeds (


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