Survival Solar Cooker

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With recreational camping becoming more and more extreme, so are the risks. As campers extend their treks into unexplored terrain, a wide variety of things can effect the safety of their trip. With the Survival Solar Cooker campers no longer need to fear not having safe drinking water and properly prepared food. The Survival Solar Cooker is compact enough to easily fit into any camper’s pack. The Cooker’s reflective, flexible shields fold upright to attract sun light and reflect the solar heat onto the cooking plate. The shields can be easily adjusted according to the direction of the sun by their inner aluminum wire structure. The inner, reflective side is a Mylar material and the outer side is a waterproof/ fire retardant fabric. By simply unfolding the reflective shields and setting in direct sunlight, a camper can boil water or prepare a meal safely.


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    Michael Tinstman
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