Body's Health Improvement Machine

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Goal: Provide fast easy Human Health Analysis & Improvement Path Forward>
Imagine: an easy Health Check-up, which provides a mapped Owner’s Manual of Condition and Improvement Recommendations.
Health ID Card login &
Sit or Stand (Wt., Size, Input frequency ~1.6KHz)
Vitals as Usual (Optional Automation)
Eye Scan opthomolgy vision system-Biometrics
Quick & Close to painless draws Blood (into vacuum & system)
Live Blood Cell analysis “Expert System” Automated Intelligent System Comparator Evaluation, Analysis,(Dark field & multi spectral field microscopy) for Determination w/redundant Validation
Electronic Library-Database (Auto Evolutionary)
Dr. Gets: 3D Model Identifying Comparative model (some included from last visit)
Check Listed Areas of Concern
Print-out & Updates “Your Body’s Owner’s Manual”
Organs, Blood & System Health Charted
Health Improvement Suggested Dietary and Medical Regiment-Prescriptions recommendation.
“All Data Legally Confidential”
Technology Value Proposition:
Creating this Product WILL SAVE LIVES!
Benefit #1: Improves the Health Of People & America
Benefit #2: Gives People Real-Time Diagnostic Results with Human Organ Correlation
Provides Correlation of Ophthalmology Vision System (IRIS) & Blood Diagnostic Results (Dark Field & Multi Spectral Field Microscopy) with Organ Correlation
Benefit #3: Directly feed into 3D Imaged Human System for Body's Owner’s Manual & Health indicators Visualization. Printed out simplified Report & On-Line Detailed Body & Test Visualization.
Description Of Applications:
BHIM to be used at:
On-Site Epidemic Analysis & Military Health Conditions
VA Hospitals & Hospitals
Doctor’s offices
Shopping Mall Clinics
Mobile Units
Go To Market Strategy:
Build a Prototype Proof Of Concept Working Unit:
R & D, to properly accurately budget follow on phases=NO OVERIDES.
Establish “Premier Group” participants, with development experience and additional technologies
Identification Card System
Eye Science Vision System
Blood Science Vision system
Software Development
Medical System
Human System-Body’s Owner’s Manual
#1 Product Manufacturing & Machine Design
Testing Data + Deliverables:
Engineering Studies
Where, when & @ current base WORK.
Scientific Studies
What is Enabling, what is current and what needs improvements
What do we need to get there, to save & improve lives or prevent Death.
Model how the AHIM could have prevented this.
Display in 3 D all & simulate the AHIM working in all modes
To Market While testing Prototype being realized/matured, the design and packaging for a complete market driven unit will be designed and improved for Full scale Production on Solidworks 3D CAD.
Our individual Teams in Technologies have experienced in delivering over 800 Vision System and complex FDA approved Health Medical Devices (ref: Guardian Technologies & Phoenix Research Labs-Dr. Bert Massie).


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