Every year food-borne bacteria cause thousands infections in humans and animals. Outbreaks of E.Coli and Salmonella commonly occur in meat, vegetables and processed food products. The most recent and the deadliest recorded E.

This product is designed to assist with the assembly and servicing of electronics circuit boards (PCBs).

Many circuit boards are large and complex, with a vast quantity of small components. When working on such a PCB, it is often necessary to locate specific components.

“BellaBreeze” ™ is a revolutionary, patented outdoor café setting featuring a fully integrated “Green” evaporative cooling delivery system that consists of an integrated evaporative cooling fan that is built into the table setting. Virtually no innovation has occurred to the outdoor dining environment until now!

Nanotechnology has been applied to the field of regenerative medicine to yield biocompatible substrates that can be employed to regenerate veins, skin, cartilage and nerves.

Patients subjected to self-transplant currently have difficulty in retrieving healthy and sufficiently abundant tissues for the double surgical procedures: explants and implants.

Develop an optical processing algorithm that employs multiple photographs taken at multiple known fixed (but separate) locations at the same time (or approximately the same time) to create a 3 dimensional model.


Currently there is a need/desire for alternative energy vehicles. One major problem is the cost. The Chevy Volt is selling for about $35,000 and the Nissan Leaf is around the same. Not a bad price for a new vehicle, but my problem is I already own my car.

Here is a product that enhances the security or safety of individuals, businesses, communities, or nations.

*According to Wikipedia, revolving doors are favoured because they can be used as an airlock to minimize a building's heating and air conditioning losses.

The design I am submitting is for a 40-passenger commuter aircraft with vertical take off and landing capability. The aircraft is in stable equilibrium during all phases of its flight - during take off, cruising horizontally and landing. Stable equilibrium is achieved by having a single thrust axis.

A. The background

The 4 stroke Otto engine

Internal combustion gasoline (Otto) engine is an basic prime mover for the passenger automobiles and many other applications. The problem with this engine is its inherently low thermal efficiency in order of 24 - 26%.

Most countries face a very severe water supply problem, which has already become a food supply problem (which could unfortunately lead to wars and conflicts).

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