Every year food-borne bacteria cause thousands infections in humans and animals. Outbreaks of E.Coli and Salmonella commonly occur in meat, vegetables and processed food products. The most recent and the deadliest recorded E.Coli outbreak caused 39 deaths and over 3500 reported cases of poisoning in May and June 2011 in Germany. An effective method for disease detection and prevention is still missing, mostly due to long incubation times and a high operation cost associated with conventional methods. The most widely used method for bacteria detection, the standard plate count, takes from 24 to 48 hours, due to the time needed for bacteria to grow detectable colonies. This time is too long for most applications in the food industry, especially ...

This product is designed to assist with the assembly and servicing of electronics circuit boards (PCBs).

Many circuit boards are large and complex, with a vast quantity of small components. When working on such a PCB, it is often necessary to locate specific components. Finding the specific part among the many can often be difficult and time consuming.

‘PCB Guide’ is a software tool designed to aid this task. It uses data generated by the PCB design software - specifically the ‘pick-and-place’ file. This file is normally generated for automatic assembly tools. It contains each component’s reference, value, position (X,Y and PCB side) and orientation on the PCB.

‘PCB Guide’ uses the pick-and-place file to generate a location map ...

“BellaBreeze” ™ is a revolutionary, patented outdoor café setting featuring a fully integrated “Green” evaporative cooling delivery system that consists of an integrated evaporative cooling fan that is built into the table setting. Virtually no innovation has occurred to the outdoor dining environment until now!

BellaBreeze's fan circulates cooled air above and below your table providing controllable cooling comfort at each chair. This patented system delivers evaporative cooled air that lowers the air ambient temperature by as much as 5-20 degrees depending on humidity levels and it costs only about 25 cents a day to operate. The integrated, quiet fan, delivers 700cfm of air volume equating to 15mile/hr breeze at each of the eight fully controllable louvered vents. The ...

Nanotechnology has been applied to the field of regenerative medicine to yield biocompatible substrates that can be employed to regenerate veins, skin, cartilage and nerves.

Patients subjected to self-transplant currently have difficulty in retrieving healthy and sufficiently abundant tissues for the double surgical procedures: explants and implants. Such problem strongly affects children, old-aged, severe burn victims and, in general, any patient that wishes to reduce recovery time.

Linari Engineering has designed and engineered a device able to model 3D structures from polymeric nanofibers. We called our machine RTCollector, and it is currently the fastest and most precise machine in the world in nanoimprinting fiber deposition and patterning. Rapid one hour assembly allows almost out-of-the-box use, thus making it extremely popular ...

Develop an optical processing algorithm that employs multiple photographs taken at multiple known fixed (but separate) locations at the same time (or approximately the same time) to create a 3 dimensional model. This model may also include superimposing the images extracted from the photographs in order to recreate a much more realistic 3 dimensional model.

Processing will be based upon techniques similar to synthetic aperture radar- where a 1 dimensional radar return from a transmitter/receiver that moves along a fixed path is processed into a 2 dimensional image.

Identifying the "known path" is a vital part of this innovation. All position measurements are relative to some frame of reference, such as "my position and orientation at t=0" and each ...


Currently there is a need/desire for alternative energy vehicles. One major problem is the cost. The Chevy Volt is selling for about $35,000 and the Nissan Leaf is around the same. Not a bad price for a new vehicle, but my problem is I already own my car. I don't owe anyone, anything. I truly want an electric vehicle, but I don't want the car payment. I have looked into conversion kits and they aren't very good. The engines aren't great, the batteries aren't great and none have a 4 wheel drive capability. So what can I do if I want to keep my car, keep it 4 wheel drive, but make it electric?

I have designed an ...

Here is a product that enhances the security or safety of individuals, businesses, communities, or nations.

*According to Wikipedia, revolving doors are favoured because they can be used as an airlock to minimize a building's heating and air conditioning losses.

This principle can effectively be applied to the requirement to transfer plastic trays from ambient conditions into and out of a pressurised, high-temperature atmosphere at production speeds.

The proposed process to transfer trays from ambient to CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) conditions (high temperature and high pressure) quickly and efficiently is the "4-Chamber Horizontal Revolving-Door Airlock System."

The novel 4-Chamber Horizontal Revolving-Door Airlock System can get uncovered plastic trays (at ambient conditions) containing product into and out of ...

The design I am submitting is for a 40-passenger commuter aircraft with vertical take off and landing capability. The aircraft is in stable equilibrium during all phases of its flight - during take off, cruising horizontally and landing. Stable equilibrium is achieved by having a single thrust axis. Engines and propellers are mounted between two fuselages; it is this unique geometry that facilitates stable flight characteristics. Disk loading is reduced by using four propellers which have the same disk load as one propeller of twice the diameter. There are two pairs of coaxial counter-rotating propellers. One pair is in front one in the rear. They are driven by two back-to-back turboprop engines. This arrangement cancels gyroscopic effects. Redundancy is ...

A. The background

The 4 stroke Otto engine

Internal combustion gasoline (Otto) engine is an basic prime mover for the passenger automobiles and many other applications. The problem with this engine is its inherently low thermal efficiency in order of 24 - 26%.
The egine works at well known 4 stroke cycle:
1. Intake
2. Compression
3. Expansion (work stroke)
4. Exhaust

B. The entry:

The 5 stroke cycle Otto engine.

The reason for the low thermal efficiency of the Otto cycle is the high content of unused energy in the exhaust gases. One of the ways to recover part of this energy is the use of the turbo-charger. The proposition is to employ as the the energy recovery ...

Most countries face a very severe water supply problem, which has already become a food supply problem (which could unfortunately lead to wars and conflicts).

We acquired the original application patent from Nestlé R&D and further patented the first auto degradable liquid mulch for the agriculture in areas suffering from water scarcity.

Guilspare is a liquid organic polymer that you mix at 1 to 2% concentration to water for its first application on soil with a drip-line irrigation process, after sowing (treatment lasts 3 years, if land is not ploughed).

Like GoreTex but upside down, and after a few hours, Guilspare creates an invisible film by coating soil particles, which will prevent:
- water from evaporation, reducing the water ...

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