Ischiban- Stroke Detection Headband

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Stroke kills someone every three minutes and is the leading cause of adult disability in the United States, with over $65.5 billion spent on treatment annually. Clot-busting drugs known as tPA, when administered within the “golden hour,” have shown tremendous promise at improving survival and recovery rates for patients who have suffered ischemic strokes, but are lethal to patients suffering from hemorrhagic strokes. Unfortunately, more than 70 percent cannot be diagnosed until after the “golden hour”.For every minute stroke goes untreated, nearly two million additional nerve cells die.

Currently the only method to differentiate ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes is a CT scan, which are expensive and time consuming. A portable device will dramatically reduce diagnostic and treatment time.

Ischiban can also function in neurocritical care environments. It is compatible with both Impedance Spectroscopy, used to diagnose clots and bleeds within the brain, as well as EEG, used to monitor brainwave activity.

Ischiban consists of an elastic headband with specific electrode placement slots built into it. The device has a custom electrode holder to hold the electrode securely, prepare the points of contact with the patient for bioelectrical conductivity and manage wires. A feedback LED system is built into the design to indicate whether or not electrical contact is being made, reducing user error.
The band has been designed to preserve shape, allow easy application stability during use. The band is designed to fit most adult head sizes.A standard pin connector interfaces with existing monitors.

The electrode holder is designed to allow good electrode-skin contact, dissipate pressure and yield good conductivity. Conductive/abrasive gel is applied to the skin through a pre-loaded twist-top plunger system ensuring controlled, quick, easy delivery. The functionality has been verified through animal, cadaver and live human testing.


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