Improved Bandage Bobbin

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My 4th idea from Salamander Research And Development is to save time in Emergency Rooms. When someone has broken or fractured a limb, a plaster cast is often called for. However, the application of the bandage is halted halfway through as the technician, PA or doctor has to stop, re-wet the half of the bandage that hadn't gotten wet in the original activation bath, and then continue.

My idea is to perforate the tubes/bobbins that the bandage is rolled up on to allow water to access/activate the center of the bandage as well as the outer layers. I believe that the total time taken for application of my improved bandage spool would be cut in half. The holes may be any shape or number that will not compromise the bobbin/spools structural integrity.
Thank You Kindly for your consideration.
David Carr-CEO.


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