Handy Handle 2

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The Handy Handle 2 is designed to aid many people that otherwise will not be able to do certain tasks. We take for granted having two hands to do everyday tasks. I designed the handle to not look as a typical handicap item. I’d like to see it be used just to make life easier for certain tasks for everyone. The handle can have a wide assortment of accessories. The great thing about this is, someone with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, muscle disease, stroke, no fingers, or even no hands can use this as long as they have at least a six inch stump. It’s easily adjusted for right or left hand use. The greatest thing about this it’s not limited to “tools”, it can have recreational attachments as well. With having a blank, you can add anything thought of to this, remarkable enough, even a gun.

Let’s take for instance of a toilet running over. With having hands we can pick up a toilet plunger and unstop it. With this handle, someone with no hands can put on the plunger accessory and simply unstop it instead of waiting on someone else to come along and do it.
What I’m about to tell you really happened. I took the handle to Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Center in Lexington KY. I had a therapy patent walk over after his therapy, slip it on without showing him, and started using it like a golf club. I had my cane attachment on at the time. He turned to me with a tear running down his face, asked me to make him a set of golf clubs with it. Here’s the thing, this guy was in his early 60’s, and golf was everything to him. He had that ability taken from him because of a stroke. I had to tell him that because of patent laws, I could not give him one until the patent was finished. This devastated me to have to tell him that. The main director of Cardinal Hill made the statement that she wants to buy these as soon as they are made. It sits in my closet collecting dust. I have exhausted all my funds to finish the patent.

I’ve even redesigned the cane attachment with a swivel bottom to it so as to reduce slippage on floors. The broom has pegs in the middle to be used to support as you walk for people that have to have balance. Even the rake attachment is much faster to use then a regular rake and not as hard on the back. The snow shovel can be easily used without any hands with the stump attachment. I used this to move a big pile of snow and didn’t have my fingers around the handle part. I noticed that it was easier on the back as well. As of current, I know of over a 108 different attachments. I even have a company ready to build and sale the handle.


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