PIN Access Biologic-Biometrics Snapshot Profile

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The PIN Access Biologic-Biometrics Snapshot Profile is a global healthcare intervention system for improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare, saving lives, time and money, eliminating or reducing decades of fear and risk a doctor or local person or foreigner in any location worldwide, routinely living, traveling or a tourist within or outside of any city, state or country, have of becoming or being sick or injured and unable to speak or unconscious for a medical doctor under pressure never having an opportunity provided for previewing the person or patient medical record or medical history in advance of administering medicine or performing operating procedure, that also can be used for reducing medical mal-practice, lowering medical mal-practice insurance costs, and decreasing medical mal-practice lawsuits which also can be used for other life forms.

People or patients sometimes have multiple medical operations and administered medicines with warnings or precautions; man-hours involved for hospital release of information office delivery of medical record; duplicate lab tests and temporary delays in patient care and treatment; doctors under pressure making life or death treatment decision administering medicine or performing operating procedure without an advance previewing of patient medical record or medical history prior to diagnosed care and treatment; body parts changes or surgical operations including implants, sex changes, or facial alterations manipulate visual identification during routine or emergency care or treatment; or wasted time when doctor placed on hold until person or patient medical record or medical history validated or evaluated, are dilemmas eliminated or reduced.

The PIN Access Biologic-Biometrics Snapshot Profile system retrieves, updates, or transfers an advance snapshot profile preview, captioning current medication, current illness, DNA-blood type, and other patient biologic-biometrics vital medical data information for a medical doctor making routine or emergency care and treatment decisions and diagnoses anytime anywhere on earth, that also can be used in space station, using a PIN (personal identifier number) access, assignment, and verification within minutes. Like funds in the banking system for an account holder and bank teller making financial transaction using a bank card assigned Personal Identifier Number access for withdrawing, depositing, or transferring anytime anywhere, is likewise the PIN Access Biologic-Biometrics Snapshot Profile system.

Super computer randomly assign the PIN. Any medical doctor can be assigned a PIN connected to medical care treatment facility assigned with encrypting console microprocessor or computer. Any medical care treatment facility assigned encrypting console microprocessor or computer can be assigned a software installed PIN for accessing space satellite or super computer data information storage bank having a snapshot profile managed by the central electronic medical records transfer hub center. A medical doctor PIN assignment accesses the person or patient snapshot profile anytime anywhere. The PIN Access system advances Logistics Management Science while surpassing and complimenting the DoD Defense Biometrics Identification System, military dog tag and medical records transfer systems, Veterans Administration medical records keeping and transfer systems, and state and local hospital records maintenance systems

FIG. 1 diagrams assigning PIN access
FIG. 2 diagrams PIN access assigned


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