Swim Exercise Machine

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The Trekr Dry-swim Machine© is designed to replicate the motion of doing the “doggie paddle” stroke during its use. It exercises all muscle groups at the same time, and provides the same benefits obtained by swimming in water. The design of the angle of the user could be varied from full upright to the prone (shown) positions.

The exercise machine is comprised of two bicycle style crank-sets: one set for the arms and the other for the legs. The crank-set for the legs has pedals that lock to the user’s feet, like bicycle toe-clips. The two crank-sets are synchronized by either a roller chain or a toothed belt drive. The drive powers a generator or alternator that provides adjustable resistance for the exerciser.

The generated power can be put to use with a fan to keep the person cool while exercising. In addition, any excess power can be used to charge batteries or fuel-cells. It is an ideal exercise machine to use in any weightless environment (as in the International Space Station) as it does not directly rely on gravity to function.


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