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As per Federal Govt, the indoor air of any room is up to 50 times more contaminated when compared to outdoor park environment.

This is due to the fact that most homes are built air tight to have good insulation against cold winter. This means, air coming via duct works carries the micron dust particles which are deposited on the inside wall of ducts. The Fed Govt recommends cleaning the duct at least once a year. But many do not do it. The air entering rooms not only carries the micron dust particles but also pollen, spores and other organic pollutants.

Millions of " Stand Alone " air cleaners sold contains an Ionizing field where a High Voltage but less current will be present in parallel copper wires. This High Voltage ionizes the air surrounding it. In Between, aluminum strips are placed. One fan brings in the dirty air in the room and this will pass thru the Ionization grid. All the organic pollutants are zapped. The sub micron size dust particles coagulates and deposits on the parallel aluminum strips. Another fan pushes the cleaned air out.


1. It needs its own space, generally at the center of the room. Electrical wire runs from wall out let to this stand alone Air cleaner.

2. Due to the existence of fans, more power is needed and makes noise all the time.

3. The cost is exorbitant, anywhere from $200.00 to $500.00

4. The worst thing is, if the user walks away few feet away from it then the clean air mixes with the existing air. Then user will not be breathing clean air all the time. This type of air cleaners create what is known as "Clean Air Island".


1. The wall out let and Air vents are close to each other. The Heavenly Air containing ionization Chamber fits neatly into the Rectangular hole of Air Vent. The electrical wires are shorter OR Heavenly Air also works on rechargeable batteries.

2. No fans needed. The forced air coming from duct will enter and exit the Ionization chamber. Therefore power requirement is less than 5 Watts. The deposited micron dust on the surfaces of Aluminum strips are easily cleaned by running the Vacuum on it.

3. The cost is at a fraction of stand alone air cleaner. The MSRP is $49.95

4. The problem is attacked at the source it self. All the air entering into the room are cleaned. Therefore whole room is clean. Extremely helpful in clinics / senior homes / hospital rooms and all the house holds in USA (114.8 Million). Each House hold has an average of 20 Air Vents.

Prototype is built and works more than satisfactorily.

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