Removing Blood Clots using Nano-Particles

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A blood clot can happen so fast somewhere in our bodies, and it can cause death of the whole human being or part of his body. The researches carried out is to minimize the time of rescue as possible, because the doctors, in many cases, have only few hours to save the patient, otherwise we will lose someone suddenly because of our bad knowledge and leak of technology.

Let's talk about the idea itself. Briefly; the blood clot can be heated in order to be dissolved (we use heating pads for this propose). The idea is that the patient can be injected by bio-nano-particles (which can be dissolved after some time in blood and will not be harmful and this kind of particles are known and used for improving blood properties as I have read in many research papers in this context). After the injection of the nano particles, it would be subjected to electromagnetic waves in order to heat up the particles inside the blood clot. The heat normally transferred to the blood clot which will start to be dissolved because of heat.

The same technical procedure can be followed to manage the fats under our skin in bad cases.

It is just nano particles and waves source and all of that are already known and manufactured for other proposes.

I think it needs some research first and after that it can be used and offered in the market, but many things have to be simulated using CFD and bio fluid dynamics. Any way it will accepted widely because our lives are expected to be most precious.


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