Micro-Plasma Surgical Scalpel

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Our recent development relates to a Micro-Plasma Surgical Scalpel (MPSS) having the capabilities of being used to perform a broad range of surgical procedures such as but not limited to the following:

• Incision: The separation of biological tissues - surgical cutting
• Ablation: The removal of tissue - excision of tumors
• Coagulation: The thermally induced clotting of blood constituents
• Sterilization: Surface wound and deep wound treatment
• Cosmetic Application: Scar removal: wrinkle removal: skin rejuvenation

The MPSS is a gas thermal plasma surgical scalpel which derives its cutting power from the principles of plasma physics in such a manner as to permit relatively bloodless surgery. The MPSS utilizes a stream of a constricted ionized gas discharge from a sub-millimeter diameter constricting orifice at or near sonic velocity, effectuating tissue parting while causing minimal damage.

Technologies that use particles like electrons, ions, atoms or photons for energy transfer to tissues for surgical purposes transfer a relatively small amount of energy as compared to mechanical means of energy transfer. Using photon for energy transfer, such as with lasers, solves both the total energy control problem and per-particle energy control problem. The penetration of the photons through the tissue molecules generally cannot be controlled enough to assure minimal thermal damage to tissue beyond the application area. In general, the application of thermal energy destroys tissues by dehydrating the bio-molecules, breaking them into smaller molecules and vaporizing them.

The MPSS utilizes plasma technology to overcome the drawbacks of the use of laser technology. Plasma is essentially a high temperature ionized gas composed of electrons and positive ions in such relative numbers that the gaseous medium is essentially electrically neutral. The MPSS generates a small, hot gas jet that can simultaneously cut tissue and cauterize blood vessels. The device employs the use of a direct current (D.C.) constant current type pulse-width modulated power supply to provide the energy to the plasma. Additionally, the MPSS System employs a programmable logic control, control panel gas control module, a gas source (typically a high pressure gas tank) and a water recirculating cooling system to remove excess heat.

By unique control of the gas flow within the MPSS tool and the employment of special pulse-width modulation parameters, the MPSS System is capable achieving an enhanced ability to be used for human surgical procedures such as, but not limited to, surgical incisions, tumor removal and/or tumor ablation, surface wound treatment as well as surgical wound treatment.

In addition, the cost of a MPSS System would be considerably less than other surgical devices on the market such as a Laser Surgical Device, or Electrical Cauterizes, or Argon Beam Coagulators. Compared with Electrosurgical Surgical Device, there is no electrical connection required to be made directly to the body undergoing surgery. This feature alone provides a greatly enhanced degree of operating safety since no stray electrical currents flow through the body.


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