Bio-Feedback Machine-Washable Fabric

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Using stainless steel thread recently made available to weave a 1/2" wide perimeter sensor around a baby's pull-over that is able to touch skin, we can provide an actual machine-washable flexible lighted animated display embedded in the garment that appears as a heart and matches the pulse rate of the baby wearing it in a crib. A coin cell type battery could keep it pulsing for weeks between battery replacements. This would be exceptionally useful for the hearing impaired and anyone who would like to see their baby's heart rate from afar. Aside from a pulsing heart, any graphic can be used such as the digital displays shown that can display the heart rate in numeric symbols as well as measure other bio-physical functions such as body temperature, heart rate, and even emotional distress with algorithmic software routines created sensing the change of resistance of the skin through GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) sensors.

This method could prove to be quite useful in ER areas in hospitals to assist in the instant identification of problems with regards to people waiting for treatment. One would only need to slip a bracelet and a smock over an individual for the display to become activated. The fabric lighted display would instantly change colors to indicate the state of physical stress of the individual. One of the many advantages of the LED/Optic display is that is can cover the entire garment (front and back) making it visible from all angles.


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