Sensiject Syringe

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Introducing the Algen & Klemer SENSIJECT® syringe; the only syringe that provides the user with sensory feedback in the form of auditory and tactile signals when a predetermined volume of fluid is drawn into and administered from the syringe.

Over the years, conventional syringe makers have used larger fonts, clearer polypropylene barrels, greater numbers of divisions, and various other mechanisms to aid patients and providers who use disposable syringes. All of these enhancements, while useful, continue to rely strictly on the user’s sense of sight.

The SENSIJECT® syringe differs from a conventional hypodermic syringe is the addition of a sensory feedback system. Utilizing Algen & Klemer’s patented technology, SENSIJECT® transforms the syringe from an imprecise injection tool, to a precise dosing instrument that aids in patient care and safety by providing the user with additional sensory feedback to consistently and accurately administer medicine.

By adding auditory (an audible “click”) and tactile (a pointed impulse to the thumb) feedback to the common syringe, the SENSIJECT® syringe provides a plethora of benefits to a broad spectrum of medical uses by both patients and providers.

The SENSIJECT® syringe improves on conventional dosing because in addition to seeing how much fluid is drawn into and administered from the syringe, it puts the user in touch with the task at hand by providing auditory and tactile feedback when a predetermined volume of fluid is drawn into and administered from the syringe.

The SENSIJECT® syringe:
* Allows controlled, accurate dosing in any situation;
* Improves safety;
* Reduces medicinal waste, and,
* Costs about the same as a regular syringe.


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