Treatment for Third Degree Burns

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Nature always has the solution to every problem, we need only to observe and investigate. This is why I have in mind that with burns, especially third-degree that leave extensive scars on the body, skin cannot form naturally in reaction to the environment or to the contact with the environment. Instead what forms is a skin elasticity, thick, poorly formed.

But if we are discussing having the patient stay in an environment that contains amniotic fluid their skin may form, to remember the cells its interaction with the amniotic fluid in the womb.
In this way in the body the same cells may develop, without being exposed to the pressure of the external environment, nor to any kind of surface coverage, because the skin cells need to be in total freedom to grow and the best way to do it without effort is the means that were formed or amniotic fluid.

The duration of the treatment, like I said the immersion in the amniotic fluid, depends on the extent of the burns and damage to the skin and nerve cells. And its regeneration stop latent fingerprints or formations of skin wrinkled or contracted, that they will be regenerated cells in a medium similar to his initial formation fluid.


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