Video Adapter for Laryngoscope

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Video Adapter For Laryngoscope Saves Lives.

The Video Adapter converts a traditional laryngoscope into a sophisticated imaging tool for endotracheal intubation. It is designed primarily for Emergency, EMS, Anesthesiology and Critical Care markets and offers significant benefits by providing a consistently clear view of the patient’s larynx and vocal cords, facilitating quick intubation. The miniature video adapter elevates performance of the ubiquitous laryngoscopes to the level of stationary endoscopic imaging equipment of hospital operating rooms. Low cost of the Adapter paired with its excellent performance and multiuse capability facilitates access by this product to the markets of all countries of the world.

The Video Adapter consists of the two major components: miniature video probe and color monitor. The Probe is a 5 mm OD stainless steel tube with a sealed scratch resistant sapphire window and a flexible wire terminated with a miniature round connector. An efficient light source, miniature video imager and microcontroller are packed inside the probe. The probe snaps under the laryngoscope blade into a pressure sensitive disposable clip.

The video monitor can be mounted on the top of the standard laryngoscope handle, or on a wristband or simply laid on a pillow by the patient’s head. The Video Adapter begins to work as soon as the probe connects to the monitor. The sealed probe is easily and quickly disinfectable or sterilizeable, which allows the product to be affordable in developing nations. The additional benefits include other uses:

1) Inserting the probe inside the endotracheal tube for verification of the depth of its insertion,
2) Using it as a guide during nasal intubation,
3) Inspecting via other natural orifices of human body, for example: oral (dentistry, canker soars), ear (emulating an otoscope).
4) In critical situations, the Video Adapter can be used as a miniature video guide enabling laparoscopic operation or diagnostic in a battlefield environment.
5) Video output is available for recording and viewing of the procedure on a standard external color monitor - ideal for training and teaching purposes

The working prototypes have been tested by hospitals and EMS practitioners and gathered only positive responses and testimonials.
The Video Adapter can be offered at a cost 5 to 10 times lower than any existing competitive product, while offering the best image quality and versatility.

Picture 1. Shows the Video Adapter attached to a typical laryngoscope.
Picture 2. Shows the probe inserted into the clip attached to a popular disposable blade.
Picture 3. Shows image of the larynx displayed on the Video Adapter screen when the laryngoscope blade with the probe attached is placed into the mannequin mouth.


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