Low Impact Cane

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Many people today, with the advent of artificial prosthetic devices such as knees and hips, will in time, as the prosthetic and bond ages, develop a need for long term usage of a cane or some other similar walking add.

The recipient demographics becoming younger with each passing year. Such that many at the midpoint of their lives, much like myself, have been fitted with such prosthetics. Wishing not to be sedentary and remain active in life, will inevitably experience some sort of physical discomfort associated with daily and frequent cane usage.

The nature of the pain and discomfort produced, potentially sever, chronic and debilitating over time. As such, making normal activities and phisical therapy more challenging to perform, leading to less compliance and possible complications with the prosthetic device associated with muscle atrophy.

Since no product is currently available, addressing these issues, have designed a Low Impact Cane that can offer these elemental benefits to all cane users:

1) A More Comfortable Cane = Less Muscular and Physical Stress

2) Less Muscular and Physical Stress = Fewer Cane Related Injuries

3) Fewer Cane Related Injuries = Greater Physical Endurance

4) Greater Physical Endurance = Better Health and Quality of Life

The many positive benefits from the Low Impact Cane, accomplished with the introduction of scaled flexures, scalloped in shape, utilizing a counter apposing design to preserve the linear alignment of the impacting forces and cane itself. The fixed scaling of the shock absorbing flexures allowing for more appropriate response characteristics to compression and relaxation forces. Thus, matching the cane's response function to the user's body mass. The Low Impact Cane performing the following:

1) Reduce impact forces transmitted by the cane's handle upon the ground.

2) Extend the response time of the initial impact force, reducing harshness.

3) Reduce rebound forces from the ground to the handle.

4) Reduce accumulative shock and physical impact upon the user's body.

From the above, help alleviate total physical pain associated with cane impact forces to these body areas:

1) Shoulder Muscle Group and Rotator Cup Socket.

2) Elbow, Wrist, associated Tendons, and Ligaments.

3) Palm Heal and channeled Carpal Tunnel Nerve Fibers.


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