Elite Athlete Performance Modeling and Monitoring

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Our goal is to measure and evaluate the performance of the human body, in real-time and in action on the field. We integrated a few technologies together for physiological parameters measurement and defined new test protocols. Based on that, we also developed algorithms so we can, in a matter of few minutes, evaluate physiological condition of an athlete. Our ultimate goal is to test and develop packages on athletes and offer the technology to the mass market in the near future.

Results so far:

Hockey Players:
We did tests on hockey players with a test protocol that lasted 3 minutes. With the technologies we used, we were able to automatically identify VO2 Max, Anaerobic Threshold, Critical Power, leg power comparison, skating techniques, posture effect, time to exhaustion, etc. The teams that tested our system so far (NHL and Junior league) found very useful and important information that helped them to optimize the training.

Speed Skating:
Evaluation and measurement of starting techniques efficiency. Same thing in long distance skating techniques, turns and long distance physiological performance.

Stroke Rehabilitation:
We combined a bunch of sensors, ECG, EEG and motion sensors to help a man recovering from a stroke. In a mater of a few weeks, by having access to the right information combined with test protocol and data analysis and visualisation, the man was able to walk again and is still progressing.

Stress monitoring:
A CEO had blood pressure problem. We did some tests in the lab and were able to model blood pressure based on heart rate and breathing rate. The sensors we used collect the data and our algorithms defined when blood pressure occurred on a 12 hours period in real life. Based on that, we were able to teach the man how to use biofeedback to control is blood pressure without medication.

How did we do that?
We found biosensors on the market with communication ports and a library for data collection. In many cases, we contributed to optimize those sensors. We combined them with mobile devices and built a data collection system using a secure Internet connection. The data is stored in our system and get analysed in real time by our algorithms and results are sent back to the client and/or health professional. The way we analyse and present the data helps the users to find the source of the problem quickly and leads to a solution.

In the sports industry, most of the time athletes are at the top of their performance. We still find way to do better with what they have to offer.

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