Megadose Vitamin Therapy for Acute HIV Exposure

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HIV is known to be a virus that is very sensitive in both temperature changes or pH changes in the host environment or when exposed to atmospheric conditions.

Acute exposure experienced by surgeons or people who are exposed voluntary or by accident to HIV enriched bodily fluids are likely to contract HIV and need to be treated with combo ARV treatment or single drug treatment to lengthen the onset of AIDS.

Currently to treat a squirt of HIV positive blood that enters a surgeon's eye, an administration of prophylactic ARV drugs is administered for 30 - 60 days after exposure, leaving the exposed surgeon HIV negative.

This treatment works but it is expensive and is not accessible to most people.

I propose with the MVT (Megadose Vitamin Therapy) acute HIV exposure treatment can give a patient HIV negative status. For a much more cost effective and more accessible treatment of acute HIV exposure MVT could be a realistic alternative with a good negative result rate.

The MVT treatment consists of administration of 20000mg of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) for 6 days after HIV exposure. Optionally 500mg of Salicyclic Acid (Asprin) can be co-administered once daily in the morning (assuming patient has an active life style during the day) for a 80-100 kg adult.

It is important during treatment to drink up to 3 liters of pure clean water a day during the treatment to reduce the chances of permanent damage to kidneys.

Contraindications: Pre-existing Renal Problems, Pre-existing Bladder or Urinary Track infection. Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar must be within tolerances. Patient should be generally healthy. Repeated or Prolonged treatment will result in permanent renal damage, treatment should not be given consecutively within 180 days.

Therapy: Administer daily for 6 days 4 times a day, 2500mg MVT Slow release capsules with 500ml of clean water a dose. Optionally co-administer 500mg Salicyclic Acid once a day with first dose of MVT. Patient must exercise for 30 minutes a day, appropriate to the patients fitness level. Patients should ingest a low-medium calorific intake for the duration of the treatment.

Obtainable Result: Upon acute exposure to HIV positive bodily fluids on to an accepting membrane of the patient, after 6 days of prophylactic MVT treatment the patient will be HIV negative if the treatment is applied within 12 hours of exposure. Do not self medicate, obtain professional medical opinion first.


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