Portable Bidet

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Portable bidet is a small nozzle that attaches to a plastic bottle and transforms it to a fully functional, personal bidet. The nozzle provides a convenient and time-saving alternative to the exclusive use of toilet paper, cumbersome and expensive bidets, a watering canteen or showering after using the washroom.

Portable bidet device presented herein is aiming to educate and promote washroom hygiene and to allow users with such needs to comfortably and discretely perform the required hygienic practices and preserve the fresh feeling anytime and anywhere during the day.

Approximately 2 years ago I was approached by a friend with very specific problem to be solved and very detailed set of requirements that had to be addressed. I have immediately been interested by the challenge and uniqueness of the product that has to be designed. Since then I designed and engineered more than 15 different models. This final version is a product of immense effort to engineer a product optimized for low-cost manufacturing, that will, at the same time, be compatible with most commercially available plastic bottle standards available on the market and be completely washable and re-usable without sacrificing cleaning performance. Furthermore, this is all achieved in less than 30 grams and could be significantly cheaper than the similar products currently on the market.

Typical applications include but are not exclusively limited to:

1. mandatory practice in certain cultural and religious groups

2. preserving cleanliness during outdoor activities and where public washrooms are not present

3. for use in hospitals and medical institutions for maintaining high levels of hygiene between patients and in post-operative care

4. proven to relieve discomfort caused by gastro-intestinal disorders and food poisoning

5. for use in public washrooms

6. used in baby care

The product is currently in a test and qualification stage with several prototypes manufactured and presented to potential user groups. The product has the capacity to spin-off various product lines that deal exclusively with personal hygiene and support that marginalized but important medical problem. Such expansion of product lines could provide potentially strong marketing and revenue capability for a possible business venture.

Please refer to the presentation accompanying this submission to get a more detailed insight on the product and its use, its capabilities, applications and market feasibility.


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