Hamstrings Rolling Weight Exercise Machine

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Innovation: The Hamstrings Rolling Weight Exercise Machine is a very simple but efficient piece of equipment that aids people to shape or tone primarily the hamstrings muscles and the outer and inner calf’s and to a lesser degree the quadriceps, abductors, and interior and posterior tibialis. The exercise machine consists of but just a few pieces of equipment:

1. The track or guiding rail.
2. The rolling weights and support bar with or without bicycle pedals (optional) attached.
3. A common office chair or computer chair with a lever to change the seating height for persons with average leg length and a tall bar chair or stool for persons with extra long legs.
4. Not noted on drawing, but base of guiding rail could be provided with brackets or hooks to attach a harness which would be attached to the legs of the seating chair to keep the rails from sliding away each time the person exercising is extending and retracting its legs.
5. A retractable rubber band (optional) could also be attached and be enclosed in the rail to increase tension and work load of the muscles

The idea of having your leg muscles tone by just rolling a dumb bell weight across the floor is unique. This idea is further improved by the addition of the proposed rail track where the rolling weights will ride and prevent side tilting, as it would occur by simply rolling the weights across the floor.

Manufacturability: Most components could be off the shelf and modified to fit a standard design or model. Manufacture would not be a problem as the sport industry has many proven answer for this kind of product.

Marketability: Could market this kind of product for personal use or to sport gyms across the world

Cost-effectiveness: Very cheap to make if most components are bought off the shelf and modified slightly or adapt the design of the product to what is available.


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