Speech and Touch Based Smart Home Infrastructure

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Project description:
This project is a creative work focused on designing an intelligent living space for the physically challenged with advanced control over various entities around. In this project we present an integrated system that uses both Voice and Touch as a natural input to provide user-friendly access to information and entertainment devices, other electrical appliances installed in a real home environment.

The crux of the system is based on the localization technique implementation through ARM processor and voice recognizing IC-ISD5108/ISD2560/75/90/120 or we can use HM2007 with the help of which the system understands its local position and acts according to the needs of the user in the local position and at the same time giving the user flexibility to operate the Remote environment through the same console.

In a nutshell, the entire system constitutes the following entities to realize this concept: ARM processor embedded with touch screen which also performs transmission of data and the receiver should have a controller connected to an OctoCoupler to switch to control the end device. The speech recognition module provides a function of self-learning human voice so that people could directly give command to control appliances in their local area as well as remote area. The same can be performed with the help of Touch interface based User Interface.

The main objective of this project is to provide enhanced control over their surroundings especially to the physically challenged which can provide more freedom and improve self confidence. The innovation here is implementation of Localization, which can bring in more flexibility and comfort to the user in controlling his/her surroundings without navigating many pages as in a regular Smart Home Application that is available in the commercial market.

Components used:
a. ARM11 Board with 4.3" LCD (S3C 6410)
b. IC-ISD5108/ISD2560/75/90/120 or HM2007
c. Octo Coupler and receivers.


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