Door Jamb or Hinge Mounted Pressure Tank Security

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High pressure gas cylinders must by law at all times be secured by strap or chain to prevent them from falling over and breaking the valves and becoming deadly missiles. There are many acceptable methods from a simple chain or rope tied to a bolt on a cabinet to more complex strapped systems that allow the movement of the device to tables and benches.

This invention is a simple device that extends from a the small gap in most doors to the exterior or interior of the lab space where a tank can be secured with chain or strap for later pickup or delivery from the gas vendor.

The novelties of the invention are to have either a replaceable hinge, hinge add-on or door jamb add-on to be a permanent part of most any door. There then would always be and attractive unobtrusive place to secure chains or straps for tanks. The user would bring out the chains as they need them and store them when not in use. The two models shown in the renderings shows either an offset strap & buckle model or an offset chain & latch model.

A simple retraction device can be used that could hold also hold a strap, chain or cord.

Products: A line of simple gas cylinder safety equipment intended to allow better use of scarce lab space.

Competitive Advantages: Very simple and cheap to produce. Installation by lab users or very semi-skilled people. Such a device would allow door to door delivery of gas cylinders without lab personnel being present to escort the vendor into secure spaces. Reduces the necessity of lab personnel to use a central receiving area because the cylinders can now be left outside work areas.


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