Protective Clothing and Coatings

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In the last five years we have seen new technology come on the scene touted as a revolution in security. This new technology can peer through our clothing for contraband (Guns, Knives, and Explosives etc). It has migrated to mobile units capable of scanning us while we walk down the street, drive in our cars or relax at home. Utilizing the electromagnetic spectrum; Millimeter Waves and Backscatter XRAY are the core of this technology. Analyzing the waves coming from us naturally or bouncing them off us the data can reconstruct a virtual image of the person as if they were completely in the nude. A simple search online for body scanner images will produce many examples.

The companies that produce this technology are “For Profit” companies and it’s a matter of time before it ends up in the hands of criminals. The results of the scans are highly detailed nude images of us or our homes interior. As technology and processing power gets better it will be no time before these images get better, to the point where one cannot tell the difference between an actual video or photograph and a body scanner. It is not that hard to imagine what a criminal might do with this technology, use it to peer into our home and see if they are empty, and image our wives, sons and daughters or profile your business. Other concerns are the radiation exposure hazards from these machines.

The benefits of my invention are simple; create clothing and coatings that are highly reflective to these Millimeter and Backscatter XRAY waves. With this invention you can feel secure and have peace of mind that any undisclosed body imaging device will not be able to invade your privacy and reduce the amount of radiation exposure. Whether it is embedded into your clothing, within the walls of your home or paints on your cars, anytime one of these scanning devices is attempting to image you the reflection from the material and coatings will be picked up by the imagers and renders you, your home or car as opaque.

These coatings and coatings can be manufactured with existing semiconductive textiles or newly developed metamaterials. Metamaterials gain their properties from its structure and show the most promise. This material can be fabricated to be highly reflective to these waveforms. The coatings can be employed with the reflective material embedded within dry wall, shingles, siding or paints. I anticipate that this invention can be marketed through licensing to textile and coatings manufacturers and identified on the labeling of the products when purchased. From a marketing perspective the companies to integrate this technology into their products can advertise the security features to gain an upper hand against the competition. From a cost perspective initial development will be high requiring research, development and testing to identify the most cost effective material. However, as with any product, perfecting large scale production can greatly reduce the manufacturing costs and increase the profitability.


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