NIRBHAY: A Multi Agent Info Locker System

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Objective: To secure the top confidential and classified business documents. To provide maximum mixed mode security to the data shared with multiple users keeping security, privacy and accountability intact.

The Need of the time: Mr. James, Mr. Isac and Miss Jesica are three partners in a company named “ABC Banking Pvt. Ltd.” There is an agreement between them that, the company’s most confidential data, reports, statistics should only accessed with the presence and knowledge of all the partners. The confidential data is in softcopy/digital form and placed on the centralized server. In this case, a system is the need of the time in which each partner need not to be present at all times and at a place to access the information but accountability also needs to be maintained. Security should be proportionally strong with the number of users.

The concept of NIRBHAY: It is a multi Agent information locker system which evaluates the authentication to the stored information through a combination of “multiple users authentication” and “random sequencing” methods. In this system multiple agents can store data and can be configured to be accessed by multiple users on mutual agreement basis. This system can ensure that all the agents of a particular data archive system should login and also in a particular sequence before providing access to any one of the agents of the system. Just like the locking system in a bank where the key of the customer and the key of the Branch manager should be put together to open the locker.

More secure with more users: In traditional way of information security through single user and single password is very vulnerable and if the authentication credential of any one of the partners got compromised by a hacker then information can be disclosed. As NIRBHAY needs all the members to be logged in before providing access to any one of the members, so hacking to anyone’s account can not leverage the data archive system. The hacker need to hack the accounts of all the partners which get harder with the increase in number of users. So, in the contrast to the traditional approach, in NIRBHAY the security increases with the increase of users.

Random Sequencing: At the time of adding new users to access the system or at the time of creating the data bank in the system, the NIRBHAY will generate a login sequence randomly specifying the order of login by the users and that order of user login should always be maintained to access the Data Bank. Ex. At the time of configuration of the data bank, the system has generated that Jesica, Isac & James should login in this same order to get accessibility. This order is one time only so a hacker who compromised with all the users accounts of the Data Bank need to the same sequence to login. The NIRBHAY also has maximum login failure depending on the number of user keeping eyes on probability theory.


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