United States Rain Force

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With the United States Rain Force we can put an end to out of control forest and grass fires. This is a force of 100 or more purpose built airplanes that can dump 17 tons of water every 20 seconds on or in front of the fire line in a highly synchronized multiple water drops effort. With the U.S. Rain Force on the job this water bombing effort would remain in effect till the fire is out enough for ground crews to mop up. The purpose built airplanes will be able to scoop up water from a near by ocean, lake, or river due to its ability to land and take off at 45 miles per hour. This is more than half the stall speed of any large airplane.

No longer will our country fear the out of control forest fires due to the quick response time of the U.S. Rain Force service can provide to stopping forest and grass fires. Satellites can immediately see fires starting due to lighten strikes or other causes wherein monitoring stations designed for quick responses can scramble pilots to their planes to make water drops on the fires deemed a threat. The structure of this service is to have 5 planes stationed strategically throughout the risky areas prone to forest fires in our country, mainly in the west. Once the severity is accessed more planes can be dispatched to more serious fires as needed. As a result no fire would remain out of control for more than 6 hours after it starts. No more evacuations by home owners like we see in today’s world, because a large force of rain will be on its way to stop the fire.

To build these airplanes I propose having the government ask for bids for manufacturing these planes by current industry so the best plane at the best price can be constructed in mass. I propose to have our Air Force take charge of the project using its pilots and organizational structure that is in place, to run the whole operation producing great cost savings with its over lapping missions. This project would have a one time estimated cost of 18 billion for 100 planes (175 million each) and an ongoing price that is minimal due to the already paid for Air Force running operations.

The savings to our nation or any nation that may need the U.S. Rain Force’s help can be immeasurable. For example, this force could have dumped water on Japans reactors from the beginning curbing fear and giving works needed time to do the repairs on the cooling pumps that they are just now getting to, some 40 days later. With global warming drying areas that are not use to being dry we will be seeing more and more intense wild fires that will threaten the lives of countless people and structures. We need a way to stop large forest fires dead in their tracks; we need the United States Rain Force.


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