Robot Lazarus

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Robot Lazarus. Designed with emergency services in mind, this is the second prototype, the final system is to be ruggedized for emergency services and wiil include the ability to operate in hot, cold, wet, toxic and dirty environments.

Current onboard systems include a video transmitter, a CMU tracking eye camera, laser, pitch role yaw digital rate gyros, wireless RC via Fanatec Controller, manipulator arm with 5 finger hand, solar recharging, UV lighting to illuminate suroundings in low light, ability to crouch, walk, run and follow at predetermined distance.


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  • Name:
    Jeremy Wood
  • Type of entry:
  • Profession:
    Business Owner/Manager
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  • Jeremy's favorite design and analysis tools:
    Autocad, photoshop, oscilloscope,
    Video Files
  • For managing CAD data Jeremy's company uses:
    Autodesk Vault
  • Jeremy's hobbies and activities:
    Electronics, Robotics, AI, Machine Vision.
  • Jeremy belongs to these online communities:
    Carnegie Mellon University,DARPA,Waseda University
  • Jeremy is inspired by:
    Boston Dynamics, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Harvard University Concord Field Station.

    Video Files
  • Software used for this entry:
    Autocad, Atom Pro, SSC-32 Sequencer, CMUcam2GUI.
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