Hurricane Wipeout With NRC

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Nitrogen Release Capsule

NRC is a new concept to aid humanity in reducing or totally wiping out the threat of the devastation caused by a hurricane.

Hurricanes increase in strength with tempatures above 85 degrees and decrease below 85.
Hurricanes will usually draw air from the five o clock area.
Liquid Nitrogen is -200 degrees below 0.
The Nitrogen will break down into the air as an enrichment to air quality.

Lower the tempature of the air, decrease the strength of the hurricane.

Three capsules with fifty to ten thousand pounds of Liquid Nitrogen (depending on the hurricane size) are dropped over a hurricane with two parachutes attached in the five o clock area of the hurricane, three and a half min apart. As it enters the top of the hurricane, an altimeter causes a door to open releasing the Nitrogen as it drops. All this is done out to sea. Once the NRCs are in the water, they can be picked up by the top hook for reuse by helicopter. The capsules all have flotation bags on the botton that inflate on impact of water so the capsules will float.


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