Safer Nuclear Power Generation

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Endangering the world, nuclear power generation’s vulnerability to natural elements is now so visible in Fukushima, Japan. Yet, for more than 50 years the US Navy has operated safely nuclear submarines. While nuclear submarines have been lost at sea, no one of ours has ever contaminated the environment. The reason is simple: submersed in the sea, the nuclear reactor will never run out of heat sink when appropriate redundancies are designed in the system. Compared to a submarine, additional safety is achievable if the submersed spheroid is anchored via multiple cables embedded in plastic providing spring and dampener stabilization.
Below 100 feet, the submersed site is free from the effects of tsunamis, tornadoes, and other weather threats. Even an earthquake directly below the sphere would have no significant effect on the safeness of the nuclear reactor operation. As system engineering dictates, the analysis would prove ‘fail operate’ conditions to be easily achieved.

Many laboratories and companies have experience with small submersibles that can be used for resupply, rescue, and emergencies. The technology for underwater operations, cables and conduits has progressed delivering safe and reliable products and options. They are safer than driving.

While the space used for the power generation in the submarine is only a fraction of the size of the weapon, it has been said that one sub could easily power Seattle. The installation I am proposing can easily harbor two separate generators, of any desirable size and output. This simple redundancy will further enhance the fail operate capability of the facility.
For background information see Aquarius (NOAA).


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