Cockpit & Cabin Camera

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In all aeroplanes there are no cameras being installed inside the cabin. My idea is by providing the surveillance cameras inside the cabin and in the cockpit, the pilot and also the air traffic control team can monitor and survey the movement of the passengers inside the aircraft.

The camera sends the video image signals through satellite GPRS system to the air traffic contol team at the airport. Any suspicion of the passenger inside the aircraft, the ATC team sends the signal to pilot and also to crew members on the flight to be alert and help in nabbing the person before he does any sort of hijacking of the plane or illegal transport of drugs to other countries.

In the cockpit the cameras monitor the pilot in handling the aeroplane, any sort of help in driving the flight during rough weather conditions, or engine malfunction in mid air. And it also helps in chatting with the pilot face to face with the air traffic control team.

Hidden cameras may also help the air traffic control team to work with out the notice of happenings to passengers inside of the aircraft. These cameras ensure safety to pilot and passengers and the images can be recorded in the black box of the aircraft.


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