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The Magnetic Funnel Assistant

Has this ever happened to you?

You run out of gas and need to pour a gallon or two into your tank from an auxiliary gas-can so you can make it to the station? But how do you hold onto the funnel and the gas-can at the same time so that you are able to pour the gas into the tank without spilling that smelly hazardous gasoline all over yourself without an assistant?

You just couldn’t until now!

One day I was faced with this same dilemma trying to hold the funnel in one hand while pouring gas from the can with the other into the tank of my truck and I just couldn’t do it by myself, that is, not without spilling gas all over me!

How did I solve this problem?

I solved this problem by inventing the Neat-O! Magnetic Funnel Assistant.

Simply by placing a magnetic band around the inner rim of the funnel to hold it securely against the body of the vehicle I was able to pour the gasoline into the funnel using both hands griping the gas can!

And I didn’t even spill a drop of gas thanks to the Neat-O! Magnetic Funnel Assistant!

Magnets hold funnel firmly against the side of your vehicle preventing the spillage of gas and preventing hazardous spills.

You know what they say, there is always someone around when you don’t need them but there is never anyone around when you do. But Neat-O! The Magnetic Funnel Assistant is always there when you need it. Neat-O the magnetic funnel assistant stores neatly and securely in the trunk of your car by sticking it to any metal surface! So it stays right where you put it ready to use the next time you need it.

Try Neat-O! The Magnetic Funnel Assistant and you’ll never use a regular funnel again.


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