Oil Spill Containment Device

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Oil Spill Containment Device

Safety and Security

Technical Abstract

Brief Description of Technology:
An underwater robot places a rubber bladder reinforced with nylon netting into the broken pipe and air is pumped in from a surface vessel, inflating the bladder and sealing off the oil flow. The rubber bladder is made with an outflow pipe and check valve molded through and attached to a holding tank which could be made to expand and contain the outflow of oil. The oil would be pumped to a surface vessel.

Equipment Required: underwater robot, high volume air compressor, air hose, holding tank.

Materials Required: high pressure rubber bladder with an outflow pipe and check valve. Reinforcing nylon mesh netting.

Expertise Required : a skilled robotics technician to manipulate the robot, robot must be able to place the rubber bladder accurately into the broken pipe and be able to make the necessary fitting connections.

Manufacturability: a Pneumatics engineer and Mechanical engineer are necessary in order to acquire, design and assure the manufacturability of the high pressure rubber bladder and pneumatics assembly. Manufacturing with standard technological processes is obtainable.

Cost effectiveness: the importance of a rapid fix to major oil spillage not only in monetary terms but in environmental cost is of significant importance.



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