Tethered Lifeline Support

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Tethered Lifeline Support registry system provides history timelines wherein a person’s name and address is connected to a confidential informal correspondence-communications in the form of an e-mail, tweet, text, or phone call sent from a female or male, child or adult for improved safety with mental and physical security in fluid world environments. In recent years especially women have been reported missing and the registry system allows for informal descriptive communicated information such as who the new person or date is including person’s description, estimated time leaving dormitory, the new date’s meeting place, whether an overnight stay, weekend rendezvous, vacationing, or going away for any length of time alone, with someone-whom, or to a person or people known or unknown in any local area citywide, statewide, nationwide, or in any country worldwide 24 hours a day to be deposited prior to departure on the journey and venture for Police clue and trace facts when necessary.

The user with informal communications method communicates the sketchy or planned journey-trip or itinerary to the central hub center’s WWW site, 1-800 number, or international number links detailing travel intent, path, trail or direction proceeding, expected people contacts and points of interest, stops or events plan to attend, or any information deemed necessary for a potential rescue, which is managed by a Lifeline Support Team. Registrants can submit informal updates, modifications 24hrs a day.

Tethered Lifeline Support system takes advantage of the global telecommunications network to save possibly your life, your child’s life, or any life by voiding, eliminating the current international or state-by-state 24hrs-72hrs+ waiting period - law or policy which Police investigations observe prior to formally investigating a reported missing adult.

The system projects foresight features which succinctly encapsulates both today and tomorrow’s communications device innovations, social clubs and devices, social networks, active lifestyles and the borderless global boundaries currently developing and being reshaped around the world with a simple central hub center registration for improving a person’s safety and security prior to a departure.

Its unique structure with global reach parallels the worldwide Red Cross network and nationwide system of Emergency 911 services in funding, support and paid services, thus responders’ efforts in resolving or solving potentially missing person mysteries will not be delayed. The system is manpower intensive which assists with returning military veterans re-employment, stimulates a new career choice thus reduces the unemployment rates.

In FIG. 1 illustrates a female, male, teen, and adult communicating informally using e-mail, tweet, text, and phone call to provide trace information about the description of the person, place, event or destination going to, leaving with, etc. for storage at the central hub center information storage bank managed by the Tethered Lifeline Support Team. In FIG. 2 illustrates Police investigation utilizing Tethered Lifeline Support Team which control communicated trace information informal conversations store in central hub center registry information storage banks to solve reported missing person, thus eliminating or voiding the current 24-72 hours+ waiting period before initiating formal missing person Police investigation.


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