Sensor Based Vehicle Horn

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With present vehicle horns when we press the button (switch) it gives sound which pollutes our surrounding area. Mostly vehicle horns are used when a driver wants to overtake the other vehicle or if some person etc. come in front of the vehicle OR there some other people who misuse the horn while driving. When it switched ON it gives environment pollution.

My sensor based vehicle horn is a simple electronic gadget for today and tomorrow's generation.


Examples (A Car) & (B Car) are two vehicles (A Car) is in front of (B Car) vehicle, as (B Car)vehicle wants to overtake (A Car) (B Car) vehicle press the switch and a sensor sends a signal to (A Car) vehicle as on drawing (A) you can see the dashboard above a small box which gives sound and LED light which bluing showing from which direction the sound comes as you can see on the drawing there is a volume control shown on figure (A) that means you can reduce or increase the sound of the horn.

Now suppose ia person is crossing between the 2 cars (A) & (B). A small circuit 1 inch in diameter shown on fig. drawing (B) which can be fitted on the hand or can be attached near the wrist watch belt OR software can be installed to mobile phone or any other electronics device like iPod etc…

So when person is crossing, this small gadget will gives a sound according to the speed of the car travelling nearby him and also gives vibrates effect which present in mobile device as (vibrator mode).


1) It reduces sound pollution 80% to 95%.

2) It’s easy to install.

3) It also give more advantage to blind, deaf person, children & also the elderly.

4) This innovation was submitted in 2003 at National Innovation Foundation (India), got the approval in 2006.


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