EZ Lift Tie Downs

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Forearm and Shoulder LIFTING STRAPS are well known. They help reduce the effort needed to lift and move large, heavy objects. They make it much easier for a team of two people to safely get the job done.

When cargo is placed on a truck or trailer to be transported, TIE DOWN STRAPS are generally employed to secure it.

The EZ LIFT TIE DOWNS allow common tie down straps to also function as forearm or shoulder lifting straps. Use forearm or shoulder SLINGS (provided with EZ Lift Tie Downs) to help better secure items which are difficult to strap down.

1. Get two great products in one.
2. Costs less than buying tie downs and lifting straps separately.
3. A great tool to safely transport and secure large, heavy items.
4. Use less raw material and energy to make at beginning of product life.
5. Minimize storage clutter during product useful life.
6. Occupies less landfill space at end of product life.

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