Tornado Prevention System (TPS)

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1. Problem the Design Solves: Extremely dangerous and disruptive tornadoes result in hundreds of deaths and injuries, destruction of homes and businesses, and financial and personal losses in millions in the U.S. alone. There is NO current solution to this severe problem!!!

This solution is novel! Two technical advances- technological DOTS- over the years when applied together as “system” provide a solution:

DOT 1- Continuing advances in Doppler Radar/PAR, both in severe weather interpretation and in geographical coverage provides identification of potential
tornadoes—the “hook echo” on the radar screen;
DOT 2- Progress in development and application of the Vortex Ring by which substantial energy can be transmitted thru a fluid (air) over a distance without loss of energy.

The TORNADO PREVENTION SYSTEM-TPS connects the two DOTS to disrupt and destroy the “hook echo”, thus preventing the formation of the tornado itself. The tremendous energy contained in mesocyclones and in super cells is recognized, and therefore the TPS purposely avoids attempting there destruction. It is intended to make maximum use of simulation to determine the most effective procedures and criteria, such as, Vortex Ring strength and optimum distance from the VR Gun to the “hook echo.”

SYSTEM OPERATION: Vortex Ring Guns are mounted on large aircraft and on ground vehicles to produce Vortex Rings (VR) of the required strength and quantity. They would be vectored into position by Radar Control, and given azimuth and elevation criteria. When in position, they would be cleared to fire the VRs. The Doppler radar operators would observe to detect the destruction of the “hook echo.” Once the “hook echo” has been destroyed, firing of the VRs would stop.

2. POTENTIAL BENEFITS are astronomical just within the U.S. alone. Hundreds of lives would be saved, the destruction of hundreds of businesses and homes prevented, and the loss of thousands of JOBS avoided.

3. The TPS is novel! There is NO known solution currently available. TPS combines two different areas of technology in a unique system – Fluid Dynamics and Radar.

4. The TPS would be applied through the U.S., starting with Tornado Alley, next throughout the U.S, and then throughout the world.

5. The “market potential” is unlimited since the “Benefits” are so great.

6. The TPS would be established and organized as described under “System Operation.”

a. Weather Radar (
b. Vortex Project (vortex2/combat.plgs)
c. Detecting Tornadoes (
d. Vortex Ring Gun-Army Research Lab (


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