Guardian Angel

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Guardian Angel is a kidnapping surveillance system that uses high altitude cameras to record visual evidence of kidnappings that happen on the ground in cities. The visual evidence obtained by these cameras is used by law enforcement employees to obtain the last known location of a kidnap victim and also track the vehicles being used to move the victim. From Point A to Point B and every location in between, being able to simply rewind a video in order to find a missing loved one is extremely helpful.

The technology for this would create jobs for unemployed citizens because the surveillance system requires 24/7 monitoring over a large surface area. Each square mile could be a way for someone to feed themselves or their family. This is an improvement to current public safety surveillance systems like 911 and police patrols. The goal is to have no one get hurt by criminals. as close to zero as possible. The possible well being of kidnap victims decreases with time, so this fast system would also increase chances of recovering a victim before any more harm can be done to them.

As soon as a crime is reported, the Guardian Angel employee would ask for the home address and last place they saw the missing person. Once either one of these two variables are known, surveillance video of that geographical location can be brought up on an employee's computer screen and rewound to the point in time when that person was last seen. Once they see the missing person on the video, they can then use special software to track the victim's movements over the advancement of time. To minimize the time it takes to locate the victim's present location , the use of special computer software will allow for easier tracking through altitude obstructions, crowded streets. The software will also allow the employee to track the victim's movements during fast forwarding of the video. This will allow the employee to arrive at the part of the video that shows the actual kidnapping taking place much faster.

Once the present location of the victim is known, local law enforcement that are patrolling the closest to the area are immediately dispatched to the victim's current location. Hopefully they will be able to recover the victim safely because of the reduced response time.

The implementation of the Guardian Angel surveillance system could save many lives and help many families avoid this painful experience of losing a loved one to kidnapping crime. This is a real way to use technology to solve a problem. There is nothing fictional about this idea described. It is a telecommunications system that doesn't need much sophistication to operate efficiently in the field. The Guardian Angel System would create jobs for cities, lower crime rates, and increase the rate of advancement in a city by having less people taken from the city.


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