The Scout

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The SCOUT (friendly fire notification device)
Safety and Security Device
Concept and design by Warren W. Crowell

This invention/design idea solves several problems where notification, location and identification is pertinent and crucial.

The potential benefits of this device are that it provides an immediate, battery powered, communicative locating and identification system.

This device improves the conditions in which human life can be identified within obstructed or chaotic situations such as battle-zone combat, game hunting, fire fighting or wherever there’s a need for personnel identification. Currently, to my research knowledge, there is no such like device in use, commercially, militarily, or otherwise.

This idea can be applied within the law enforcement agencies, fire fighting, battle-space combat areas, air power to ground combat support. This device was developed initially for a military benefit to prevent fratricide. Surviving combat veterans have critiqued the functional and operational affects of such a device.

The marketing potential for this device is great. Such a device-with its potential life saving function-can be utilized in several important markets, as earlier stated. Mandates of its use could be sparked by State and/or Federal authorities where recreational and/or possibility of loss of life is of prudent concern.

This device is battery operated for both the commercial and military versions.
Commercially: this device, once activated, emits radio frequency (rf) or microwave signalling. The person wearing, or having the device in their possession is notified by a light flashing, and/or audio signalling.
Militarily: The device can be rifle mounted and has a unique ear placement piece which fits onto the combat helmet and transfers the alert signal to the combat-fighter (this volume can be adjusted by the war-fighter). When stalking combat troops come upon another group of stalking combat troops; the device recognizes a “like” signal alerting each group. Applications for air support can be developed. This is helpful in the event that they do not have visual contact or confirmation of identification. The military version of this device features distance and frequency variable adjusters for more precise locating, and range of area effect.

Manufacturing this device would utilize current manufacturing principles and practices. The case/outer shell of the device can be created by the thermal moulding of high impact plastic or polymer; water-sealing can be insured with rubber seal gaskets between the casement halves with heat shrink over the electronics/operating boards and other internal parts. Rifle mount can be produced through computer numeric cutting process or CNC.

Since present manufacturing processes can be utilized to produce this device, production costs would be low to moderate, including the internal electronics workings.

This device preserves the quality of life, automates the tedious task of identification in stressful environments, prevents and reduces injuries, Improves occupational and public safety and security, time and labour saving, and will lead to other identification product improvements.


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    Warren Crowell
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    conventional drafting and (whenever possible) Pro Engineer/Wildfire.
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    my inspirations for designing extend from situations I may observe, and devising other methods or mechanical means to a more labour saving, tasking,or accessory type of device.
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