Mobile Security Camera, AIRi

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AIRi: Bluetooth Video and Picture Camera for Mobile Security

The AIRi (air-eye) is a Bluetooth® video and picture camera. It allows streaming of MJPEG videos through a standard Bluetooth connection to cell phones and PCs and it can record images on its internal SD card storage without the need of complicated infrastructure setup, such as Wifi or cabling.

It is designed specifically for mobile security applications, providing sensor readings inside every picture transmitted or recorded. It is small, lightweight and with an external antenna provides instant long range video monitoring and surveillance.

The AIRi is powered by its internal battery providing up to 4h of streaming videos and days of independent operation. It can be used for:

- "peel-and-stick" camera for instant mobile security and surveillance
(law enforcement, e.g.)
- capturing pictures autonomously for time lapse video
(construction, nature, e.g.)
- wearable with clip for clothing for proofing of delivery for example
(delivery vehicle security, e.g.)
- robots and UAV

The camera is programmable in BASIC code. This allows customizing its operation, connecting to other Bluetooth devices for information (GPS) or for triggering to start picture recording.

AIRi management software is available as open source and packaged for Android, Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. Any standard security system software or professional service can also use the AIRi as an input source.


- Sensor data in every image (accelerometer, compass, real time clock, temperature...)
- Streaming video MJPEG format through Bluetooth
- Resolution from 320x240 to 2048x1536
- External antenna for improved range
- Standard range about 40m to a cell phone
- Long range version 100m-200m to cell phone
- Long range to AIRcable Host XR3 2km to 10km (directional antenna with FCC)
- Exposure Time from 1/15 to 2 seconds for night vision
- LED flash and ambient light sensor, IR flash customization
- Internal Storage - Micro-SD card, 2GB FAT16
- Rechargeable Battery (LiPol)
- Built-in microphone
- Programmable in BASIC - for autonomous operation
- Polycarbonate housing with Aluminum shell, very light weight 38g

Additional information:

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