Computerized Auto Safety and Traffic Control

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The invention relates to a computerized auto safety and traffic control in order to avoid and eliminate chain collisions between vehicles on highways, but also on heavy traffic roads. This will reduce the number of casualties and material destruction, with applications in other sectors.

This system consists of a number of fixed electronic modules set up next to each emergency phone or near a road wherever possible, and a mobile module installed on the dashboard of the vehicle that is to be monitored and controlled. This module, equipped with attached memories, can act as a "black box."

Mobile modules on each vehicle constantly communicate with fixed modules and these in turn with a control center through an information network. The mobile module necessarily contains inertial sensors - which already exist on vehicles, in general to trigger airbags.

When an impact is noticed, the sensors inform the entire network through the fixed modules- locating, thus positioning the incident, and the need for emergency intervention; it also transmits an automatic warning to all the stationary and moving vehicles in close proximity. After slowing down, vehicles are informed of the real situation by the control center, or they are informed of a possible system error which is analyzed in real time by the central server, this way chain collisions can be avoided and eliminated.

Factory implemented mobile modules may contain or take over additional functions such as:
-control and/ or pull a vehicle into an emergency lane;
- IP identification for each vehicle, where one can find the entire vehicle data, the fees, checks, etc...
- improvement of “black box” function.

Vehicles that are not provided with factory implemented mobile warning modules for various reasons can be optionally or conditionally equipped with a removable module of this kind- independent of the vehicle electronics module.

Advantages: smooth traffic, traffic flow monitoring, alert to accidents, stop-lock criminals; automatic fire alarm- fire alarms are transmitted to the local fire department, and automatically.


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