Air Conditioned Helmet

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The Air Conditioned Helmet, (two patents issued), is the first and only practical thermoelectric air conditioned helmet. It uses a special woven air flow structure for the inside of the helmet that conveys the conditioned air all over the inside of the helmet to cool or heat the maximum area of the users head. Cooled or heated air is ducted into the rear of the helmet and flow up and around the users head, exiting above the users face to provide cooled or heated air fro breathing. The conditioned air can also be filtered with activated carbon to remove odors, etc.

The miniature thermoelectric system adds only 3 oz. to the helmet weight and the air flow structure adds another 4-5 oz. Prototypes motorcycle versions have been tested using only 18 watts with excellent body cooling while riding on hot days, days that were warm enough to cause perspiration without the use of the helmet.

The thermoelectric apparatus is mounted on the outside of the helmet where it can easily be knocked off in an impact and will not penetrate the helmet under any circumstances to ensure maximum safety. The helmet plugs into conventional Powerlet accessory sockets on the newer motorcycles. Both heating and cooling modes are available for all season functionality.

The ACH can be configured for applications other than motorcycle use, for example military helmets, firefighters, bomb disposal, and chemical and bacteriological suits, and others.

The cost is very reasonable and the product can be mass produced. Thermoelectric systems are inherently very reliable and use no refrigerants to pollute the environment. The overall energy efficiency of the helmet is very good because it is a very focused form of personal cooling and is known as the MyClimate (TM) Air Conditioned Helmet.


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