4-Chamber Horizontal Revolving-Door Airlock System

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Here is a product that enhances the security or safety of individuals, businesses, communities, or nations.

*According to Wikipedia, revolving doors are favoured because they can be used as an airlock to minimize a building's heating and air conditioning losses.

This principle can effectively be applied to the requirement to transfer plastic trays from ambient conditions into and out of a pressurised, high-temperature atmosphere at production speeds.

The proposed process to transfer trays from ambient to CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) conditions (high temperature and high pressure) quickly and efficiently is the "4-Chamber Horizontal Revolving-Door Airlock System."

The novel 4-Chamber Horizontal Revolving-Door Airlock System can get uncovered plastic trays (at ambient conditions) containing product into and out of the system quickly and continuously without losing significant temperature and pressure.

The novel 4-Chamber Horizontal Revolving-Door Airlock System has 2-way double tracks in order to simultaneously transport the trays into and out of the system on 2 reciprocating tracks.

The novel 4-Chamber Horizontal Revolving-Door Airlock System has simple design in order to lower the installation cost and the maintenance cost, i.e., requiring few repairs, etc.

The revolving-door mechanism itself is a very well-established technology.

Please refer to the detailed drawings of the process apparatus proposed (pressure lock system).

Patent application "4-Chamber Horizontal Revolving-Door Airlock System" has been filed by the Solver for potential licensing.


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