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OverGuard-1 is an electronic laser detection fence for National Security.

In the past, over 13 million illigal entries have occurred acrossed our nations borders, and the United States Government is spending billions of dollars to install metal fencing that spans hundreds of miles to secure our boarders, but with no avail because as soon as it is installed illigals have already cut holes in them, tunneled under them or just climbed over them.

The OverGuard-1 system is an electronic surveillance fence that utilizes precise laser and underground siemic transducers that can detect intruders in the areas. This information can be sent to a monitoring station where border patrol personnel are notified of the breech and can be dispatched to verify intruders and or apprehend them. This will maximize border patrol's time and save money on trasportantion cost, and it will help stregthen our nation's security and help improve public safety.

This system is cost effective, and covers a large area for a fraction of the cost. It will create jobs by manufacturing them from individual components off the shelf by venders like Comsol, Digi-Key Electronics and so on. It can create jobs to install the systems, and more positions for border patrol individuals from the money that will be saved by utilizing this system compared to other very expensive systems.

The OverGuard-1 system can be deployed to cover hundred of miles in a matter of months and it has redundant systems to prevent tampering. The system utilizes totum poles that are equipped with transponders and servo operated defraction arrays which allows the individual monitoring station to make field adjustment to compensate for any anomalies.

The system has primary totum poles that relays the primary laser to all the other totum poles. The primary laser enters the top of the totum defraction array and directs the laser down the center of the pole where other defraction arrays send the laser out two to three other exit points at various hieghts creating an impenetrable electronic fence.

The primary poles are equipped with subsurface generators to power the system, and if the first primary pole goes down, then the second primary pole will come online to power the system.

All totums are equipped with internal sensors that detect the lasers energy, and will display a green light at all totums. If a breech is detected, the totum turns red. If a totum goes down from tampering and rendered unoperable the system will bypass the defective totum to keep the system up and running.

All totums are also equipped with siesmic transducers to detect sonic anomalies below surface to detect tunneling by individuals trying to breech the electronic fence.

The OverGuard-1 system is what we need right now to get a handle on illegal entries in our country.


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