Secure Power Supply

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All corporations, and individuals, suffer from an every-increasing onslaught of security threats. Especially in the government and in large corporations, there is always the risk of somebody sitting on your chair over the weekend or at 3 AM, booting your machine with a DVD and installing or stealing high-risk, or illegal information. There is nothing you can do. However, a simple device that does not exist today can advance your sense of security a long way: install a a key on your power supply. Anything else is by-passable by software tricks of some kind, but if there is no power flowing to the motherboard, the degree of difficulty raises exponentially. A simple mechanical or electronic key installed inside the power-supply would make sure that nobody can start the machine if it is off, unless it is you, the owner. The cost to add that security measure to the current power supplies is very low, maybe $20 per unit, and it may be the difference between being secure and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars defending yourself or you company in court.


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