Electric Shock Prevention Device

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Device for preventing injury or death by electric shock

This design is for preventing the chances of getting electric shock to an electrician or operator performing troubleshooting or maintenance work in a office or industry. The device is basically based on principle of communication over power line. The complete system consists of two units: a fixed receiver and a transmitter in the form of a wrist band.

For the operation a receiver is installed at the main control room of electric power supply in a house, office or industry. This receiver is in a mode of receiving a particular frequency signal over the live wire. A trigger received by the receiver shuts downs the power of that particular area. The transmitter is fixed in a wrist band worn by the electrician. The transmitter injects a particular frequency signal in operator's body. If in any case the electrician touches the live wire with his body the frequency signal passes on to the live wire and reaches the receiver. This signal activates the transmitter control and power is shut down within a fraction of a second.

A long duration shock causes more injury and risk to life that a short interval shock. Thus by reducing the time to switch the power off, the chances of saving a life can be increased.


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