Spherical Survival Container Kit

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The Inflatable Spherical Survival Container is specifically engineered for a wide range of life saving applications. The use of this invention is to protect the occupants from drowning, exposure to the elements, and being injured from flying and floating debris. It is stored in a semi-portable container that is equipped with pressurized Compressed Air Tanks that inflate it in an emergency. The outside has reflective material that also glows in the dark and it is Safety orange to assist in the rescue.


The material and fabrication used to manufacture it has already been proven in the marketplace. So fabrication time and cost shall be at a minimum. It is made of a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) that is proven to have excellent abrasion resistance,shear strength and elasticity which will withstand debris impact on many levels. The exterior can also be coated with several types of material to make it fit whatever your safety needs are, Fire Resistant and Bullet Proof are just a few.


It is marketed towards several entities. From areas worldwide having coastlines that are prone to Tsunami warnings, areas prone to Severe Weather, Boat owners large and small to be used as a life saving device, Off shore drilling rigs in life saving situations and to large scale Rescue operations with the Military, when help can take several hours or days to get everyone to safety. Studies show that a lot of deaths in disaster situations are due to Hypothermia and Exposure to the elements, and this will extremely reduce these conditions.


You can't put a price on saving lives. However, this invention will help facilitate rescuing human lives post disaster and will be more cost effective for Governments in certain situations while minimizing the loss of life.

How it Works:

In a life saving situation it will be inflated using the Compressed Air Cylinders. After inflation the Occupants enter it through the water proof hatch. After sealing the water proof hatch they then strap themselves in. Room exist for (4)Adults or (2)Adults and (2)Children. A (GPS) location transponder and Strobe are located within to aid in the rescue and recovery. This Survival Sphere will keep them dry and out of any harm from the outside events or conditions that are taking place. There are storage compartment's consisting of a First Aid Kit,Water packets,Food rations,Inflatable Life Vest,Flashlight and Aluminized Mylar Sheets ("space blankets") to aid in caring for victims of Hypothermia. It can float on top of the water and with its round design it is able to bounce off of several obstacles that try to get into its way without getting trapped and continues to remain afloat. It is designed to protect its occupants until help arrives or the disaster occurring on the exterior of the Survival Sphere subsides.


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    Corry Hella
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    Corry Hella and Tim Morrone
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    The recent disasters that are happening around the World has inspired this invention. The sole purpose of this invention is to help save people in disaster situations.
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