Smart Surveillance Cameras

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These cams communicate among themselves!

If a motion is detected by a cam, it alerts all the other cams about it. If the intruder takes a diversion, the cam which is filming him alerts the other cam which is located in the direction taken by the intruder and gets back to its normal mode. Thus, at any point of time, the intruder is continuously tracked by one cam or the other. These cams communicate by sending a trigger signal to the appropriate cam. A monitor displays the movements of a suspected person.

Another special feature of these smart cams is the availability of facial recognition facility. These cams have a high resolution and are capable of faster facial recognition or feature recognition. At present, there are many limitations for manufacturing of these cams. The technology's proponents, however, hope that such limitations can be overcome as processor, imaging and data communication technologies become more powerful and cost-effective over time.

When the face of a person (either from a picture or from a recent tape/chip) is fed into the system, as the subject comes into the frame of a cam, the whole process of keeping a watch on the subject starts. Be it monitoring a person or a kid in a house, these cams record the entire movements of the person.

Now let’s take this concept of facial detection to a much higher level, like the country. Suppose a an image of a culprit is uploaded into the national defense database or any such database of a country, and the government transfers this image to the databases of all the security-related agencies (crime investigation departments, police databases etc.) and large public gathering areas (airports, railways etc.) in the country. If this person happens to be in any of these areas, the smart cams installed in those areas use the facial recognition facility and alert the concerned authority. It becomes easy to quickly identify the movements of the culprit and nab him/her.

Large residential complexes like gated communities and multistoried apartment can enhance their security environment by installing these cams. The images of the suspected criminals in the city can be downloaded into their data bases. If a culprit enters into the vicinity of such residential complexes, he/she can be easily identified and caught. By establishing online real time links with the nearest police stations, the cams in these complexes will send signals directly to the concerned police stations about the movements of such persons. Thus the response time of police can be improved significantly and facilitate easy nabbing of the suspects.

High resolution cameras, faster facial recognition technology, faster servers and well connected networks will make these cams highly reliable and useful.


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