Security and Tracking System for Cargo Containers

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Cargo theft in the United States has reached gigantic proportions. Trailer and/or commodity theft by deception is not uncommon, and a disturbing number of those thefts (40% by some estimates) involve driver and warehouse personnel complicity.

This patented system consists of a communications terminal, located in the truck, which is preprogrammed at the trucking company to include driver name, ID, truck number, commodity and trucking company. Shipper preprograms trailer number and commodity, and any other relevant information pertaining to the shipment, and this information is relayed by shipper to consignee and will be verified automatically along with driver ID, when truck arrives at facility.

The system contains a confirmation security (C/S) pad containing a weight sensor, and deploys LAN wireless and broadband communication to alert facility authorities of any variation in weight of load (for example, theft of commodity or tampering), or unauthorized movement of the trailer after it is parked on the pad. If a trailer is parked atop c/s pad at any location within the facility, unauthorized movement will be detected. It is essential to eliminate conspiracy and deception by personnel, and sustain continuous security and efficiency of operations at facilities. All insert/extract of trailers from c/s pad will be detected, and communicated to a Lanbase facility authority network. Only identified, authorized personnel can involve in facility operations. Precise location of violation will be detected, and immediately communicated to authority, and police. Essential program to deter theft is Landit dedication.


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