AWP Ergonomic Pen

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Intro. Ground breaking AWP Ergonomic Pen intended to eliminate the cramping and discomfort associated with traditional cylindrical pen forms.

Highlight benefit. No other pen on the market addresses the ergonomic deficiencies associated with traditional writing pens like the AWP ergo pen does.

Finger stress reduced. Thumb and middle finger are positioned against a large concave surface so as to distribute hand stresses over a large surface area, while writing.

Highest pressure point resolved. The highest pressure point associated with the index finger is resolved through a soft, unsupported "trampoline" surface on the top of the pen body. The pleasure of the comfort is immediate because the pen conforms to your finger forming a concave contact surface, at the contact point, rather than your finger having to conform to the pen form.

High potential target markets. The initial target market are those who suffer from hand ailments such as arthritis, or age related afflictions which limit ones ability to grip a traditional pen or limit ones ability to write for extended periods due to cramping or excessive stress induced by the poor ergonomic design.

Pen settings made simple. The AWP pen cartridge is advanced and retracted through the depression of one of two intuitive, ergonomic, buttons on the back or top of the pen respectively. Harsh pen "clunk" common when retracting traditional pen cartridges is nearly eliminated with a shock ring placed in the retraction mechanism.

Replacing the Cartridge - a snap! Another innovative feature is the ability to replace ink cartridges without disassembling the pen. Simply insert a paper clip size wire into the advance button hole (in the back of the pen) and push the cartridge out. Simply insert a new cartridge until it snaps into place and you're ready to write!

Designed for manufacturing/assembly. Can be easily assembled by assembling all components (12) into the right housing half, then assembling the left housing half by aligning four molded posts to corresponding bosses which are retained by a designed interference fit. Could also be retained by ultrasonic welding. No fasteners required.

AWP Ergo Pen Summary:
1. Solves discomfort associated with pen writing.
2. Reduces stress in the hand and associated repetitive motion injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome)
3. Extremely innovative.
4. Useful worldwide in consumer, medical rehabilitation, elderly, and special needs applications.
5. Pen form could also be adapted to a medical scalpel or artist mat cutter, or other writing media.
6. Will improve the quality of life of the user.


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