As we know, bikes have been an important form of transportation used by civilization for centuries and have helped in moving their users in a lighter and faster way to their destinations. They are seen today as one of the best solutions to the problems of transport and transit in cities, and as a way of taking care of the planet.

Hence arises the idea of the Dr. J Tricycle project that merges the benefits of cycling, and three important elements of today: protection, multi-functionality and style.

Taking Care. Due to population growth, the use of large transport is increasing, causing more accidents and less space for each unit. Climate change has seriously affected stations and on one day ...

I can see the requirement spec now:

"I want to be able to search through a stack of 'stuff' on my PHYSICAL desktop without having to move papers around. Oh, and it would be nice if I didn't have to type anything, if voice input would work".

Say you have a rolltop desk with lots of pigeon-holes, that you use CONSTANTLY. And they're kinda "full" of 'stuff'. FINDING things becomes an issue.

Use a sensor device which is able to SEE your desktop pigeon holes. Have a microphone tasked with listening to you verbally describe objects (like "water bill", "check from client XYZ", "skate keys", "invitation to the party", etc) while the sensor device TRACKS where you put the ...

Millions of endoscopy surgeries are performed each year in the US, with even more performed internationally. Endoscopy has advanced rapidly in the last twenty years. However, little progress has been made towards the development of a 3D endoscope system, even decades after they have been proposed in scientific literature. We postulate this is due to the inherent design tradeoffs required by stereoscopic 3D system, the most common 3D imaging modality. Specifically, stereoscopic endoscopes fail to deliver high quality images, lack quantitative depth information about the target, and have difficult delivering the same depth sensitivity as the human eye.

We solve this problem by implementing an entirely new depth sensing modality we call depth measurements through controlled aberrations. ...

The idea is to minimize solar PV array farm size. The idea is inspired by MIT research. In this design, instead of flat solar PV modules, Pyramid PV Module is used to get maximum power output using small bounding volume.

The modules also trap thermal energy inside the hollow space in the Pyramid, which can be used in solar thermal applications as a by-product.

Fig.1 Isometric South West View
Fig.2 Isometric South East View
Fig.3 Plan
Fig.4 Right Side View

Thank you.
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Patent status: ...

A full-time four-wheel-drive system for a motor vehicle is big, heavy, expensive, and inefficient. It requires a clutch, transmission, three differentials, two drive shafts, and four axles. The transmission contains dozens of moving parts, and each differential includes another half dozen. To get to the wheels, the power must go through the clutch, transmission, and two differentials. Assuming that each unit is 80% efficient, the efficiency of the series is 80% x 80% x 80%, which equals 51.2%. Almost half the power is wasted.

I propose a smaller, lighter, cheaper, and more efficient seven-speed hydrostatic drive that requires only ten moving parts. In a hydrostatic drive, the engine drives a hydraulic pump, forcing fluid to hydraulic motors at the ...

Video calls are a great way to stay in touch with family, friends and associates. Services such as Skype and Face Time are increasingly popular.

But what if you want to go further than just watch a screen? What if you want to project yourself - part of your will - into the environment you are communicating with? I am talking about an active tele-presence.

One place to start is simply being able to adjust the view angle of the camera you are watching. Another step in the right direction is to be able to move your viewing camera about, like you are walking around a room.

Solutions for both of these problems are not often found together and ...

Get the full power of QWERTY input without QWERTY by allocating all keystrokes directly onto the tips of our fingers. A single press for ten letters, shift a thumb for eight letters more, shift the other thumb for the last eight letters. Hold one finger and press another and have 100 simple keystrokes without moving your hands, just the tips of your fingers!

Now you can type accurately without looking, on a small device with a simple, universal interface. Type while walking or laying in bed, and stop looking at a keyboard.

This is an actual product that we have been working on that will allow people to touch-type on phones and tablets or any ...

To create a book paper with reflection emission corresponding to the eyes optimal adoption wavelengths and thus increase the contrast in between the printed material and the substrate. This means that people, especial elderly, will have increased reading possibility at advanced ages.

To transform the high frequency visible light and UV light to wavelength around 550nm and thus also reduce the hazardous blue light around 440 nm which will prevent macular degeneration(AMD) and thus development of ...

As we know, when we start the engine, power from the engine is transmitted through a fly wheel clutch, drive shaft, gear box, final drive, rear axle and finally reaches the rear wheels to drive our vehicle. We need different speeds for different applications, for that we have provided a gear box but when we engage the gear there is always a clashing noise in off-road vehicles (like tractors, earth-movers, etc.) which is quite unpleasant for the user.

The actual reason for the clashing of gears is that whenever we press the clutch pedal, the driving shaft gets disengaged from the flywheel but it continues to rotate due to inertia. As a result when we try to engage the ...

With 17.3 million deaths in 2008, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading causes of death and disability in the world, increasing tendency (source: WHO). This leads to the necessity of simple and cheap monitoring systems to spot cardiac pathologies and diseases already at an early stage.

Since several decades, electrocardiograms (ECG) are the first choice and the Gold standard for heart monitoring. An ECG shows the potential differences on the body surface caused by the cardiac activity. It can be used to draw conclusions about the heart rate, the heart condition and about pathological changes. Commonly adhesive electrodes are used, which have several disadvantages: They must be placed directly on the patient’s skin, which can lead to skin irritations, ...

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